January 19th, 1994. The loud, hysterical cries of a baby filled the room somewhere in Hulst. This day, Dutchie Mischa Sigtermans brought his very first, and definitely not his last 110 decibels onto this planet. After being born and raised in this small town he moved 54 kilometers upwards in to The Netherlands, to a place called Vlissingen (also known as Flushing in English, but, ssssh). Here he spent most of his youth hitting the snare and kicking the bass drum, but even playing in a successful band for a while couldn’t please him. After a while he got bored and frustrated with the music he had to play so he decided to take his music to another level. His level, but in another direction.

If you’re looking for something completely different from playing drums in a poppy jazz band, then what are you searching for? Mischa found his answer and started walking the path of electronic music. His first steps on this long trail involved mixing house music with Traktor and buying his first mixer, but soon this wasn’t enough for him anymore and with the little money a twelve year old has, he bought a double CD player and started mixing music without any software.

Since he was practicing everyday, people started to notice the fact that he had quite some talent and the first bookings came in. You could find Mischa at almost every birthday party playing tunes from somewhere in the living room and he made the freshmen of any local high school dance like crazy on their first encounters with electronic beats. Fun, right? Sure, but he knew he was on the right track and could do way more. At the age of fourteen the locally famous DJ had quite a lot of experience with mixing music but the boy wanted to level up his skills and started producing his own tracks.

After his start as Mischaa in the EDM genre he started to like tech house, deep house and future house more and more. He loves to produces music within this genre, that's why Ned Erland, his second DJ alias, was born. Even with being only twenty-one years old, Ned always gets the crowd hyped up with his energetic and interactive shows. Remember this name, because this kid is going places!

Written by Amber Hanemaaijer


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